Crossbones Episode 01 Recap

So, last night was the premiere for the show, an in case you missed it but you’re still interested in what happened in order to catch up for the next episode, we’ve “organized some words” that recap the episode as follows, in greentext:

SPOILERS AHEAD (read at your own risk, people have been reported dying from spoilers)

> Tom Lowe, a surgeon and an assassin is set to protect the longitude chronometer on board of the ship called HMS Petrel

> Unknown to the ship’s crew and anyone else, Tom Lowe’s mission is to actually get captured and kill Blackbeard

> The HMS Petrel is attacked and Low destroys the chronometer and is then captured and taken to Devil’s Dominion island where Blackbeard is the commodore of a handful of pirates

> Blackbeard wants the chronometer, but the only way to rebuild it is through deciphering a cypher to which only Tom Lowe knows the ‘pass key’

> Lowe is sent to decipher the code in a prison cell that resembles more of a mansion bedroom

> Blackbeard’s right hand Selima El is also in charge of deciphering the code

> Bitch Selima wants a shortcut and begins to torture Lowe for the passkey

> Low doesn’t crack and is helped by Blackbeard who puts a stop to the torture

> Blackbeard threatens Tom Lowe by telling him that he will torture his companion in front of everyone if he doesn’t give him the ‘passkey’

> Lowe doesn’t want that to happen and decides that it’s best to kill Blackbeard on the next night

> Gives Blackbeard the passkey, but not before poisoning the book containing the code

> Blackbeard starts dying from licking his fingers after turning the pages on the book

> Lowe and his companion make their escape from the prison

> Before they leave they see the Spaniards com plotting with the pirates

> Lowe, as a patriotic Englishman, decides not to leave the island but instead to help Blackbeard “not die”

> He returns, gets shot in the shoulder by Selima, but saves Blackbeard with an antidote

> Blackbeard is grateful and doesn’t see Lowe as an enemy anymore

> Lowe gets the hots for Kate Balfour who is played by Claire Foy

Episode ends and we are left with a mini cliffhanger for next week’s episode: Episode 2 – The Covenant